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PM [private messaging] & Email privileges

I had a forum user mention that the PM [private messaging] system was not working for him.

I just did some investigating with regard to the PM system. It is enabled and it is working. I completed a number of tests, verifying all that.

Important note: Private Messaging is only possible for magazine subscribers and premium forum users. Both parties involved in the exchange must be part of an eligible user group.

I am reminded in my investigation that each user wanting to use these features must go into his/her UserCP [user control panel] to options, and make appropriate selections enabling private messaging and email for his/her user account.

One comment about these systems. I discourage use of them as an alternative to posting useful information, for what amount to selfish reasons. We want to be able to read useful content, and if you only send it to the recipient of your note, then we miss that, become sad, and ultimately despondent.
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