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Help from power wagon friends and family.

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  • Help from power wagon friends and family.

    To all my friends and family in the power wagon community.
    I lost my dad today at the grand age of 94 . I need to sell all my trucks and parts that he let me keep on his property.for over 30 years everything has to go. Approx. 20 vehicles mostly D and W series trucks most are 1970 trucks a few other years . To many to list at this time. No reasonable offer refused . It breaks my heart to get rid of them but my mom can't afford to live there by herself so the property has to be cleaned up and sold. So I'm asking the power wagon community for help in finding new homes for all my trucks. I would like to see them rehomed instead of the crusher. I can load them on your trailers. Thank you all in advance for your help.
    Bob Decker 973 725 3119

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    My condolences on the loss of your father. My dad died 4 weeks ago, so I can sort of identify.

    Your area code show New Jersey. Is this where the trucks are located?

    Pictures & a list of what you have would be helpful. There are a couple of other sites where you'd get good exposure. I can help spread the word if needed.

    I am facing a similar situation in that I don't think my 80 year old mom can live alone much longer.

    God bless,



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      Hi Bucky,
      Yes that is where they are at. Thank you for your condolences I'm in the very beginning stages of shock. I know it is going to be rough.I will work on that.I need some time to go through my sheds and inventory trucks and parts.


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        I am doing fairly well processing & handling my Dad's passing. He has an illness for the past year so we had time to brace for the impact. Plus we are a family of faith so that helps too.
        But still, there are moments that life gets me down, eats at me. Just part of being human I guess. So please know that you are not alone. Also too, know that things do get better in time. Life never returns to the way it was before, but you will laugh again, some day.

        Different people grieve differently. Some like to be alone, others can't stand to be alone. Some like to talk about it, others can't. So I would recommend finding out where you are & do what's best for you & your mom.

        As per the trucks, start on the big things, like the trucks that are most complete. Then work your way down to parts & pieces. Also realize that you are not trying to do inventory for some sort of corporate audit. So don't be concerned about listing every last item for now. You can always add to your list as time allows.



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          Bob, I am sorry to hear of this. I hope you are as well as can be. It has been a year and a half since my father passed.
          It is hard my friend.
          Get me pictures of your trucks and such and I will get them posted up and see what I can do.
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          Life is easier in a lower gear.


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            Hello Bob! So sorry to hear of your dad's passing. I suspect you will be having some conversations with him as you go through your inventory. Is this the same property I visited where you have your shop?

            As I have been digging out after our recent blizzard, and every other snow we get, I get to chat with my dad. It has been 15 years last Friday since his passing, and another major snow dump on that day too. I use the same shovel that he and my brothers have used since I was too young to lift it. Its like a conduit. If you care to chat, get in touch with Matt and he can pass on my number.

            Be well and savor the memories

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              Bob, I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. I lost my dad many years ago and I still miss him. He was at the shop with me all of the time and I still find myself talking to him. On a funny note, I still chuckle at the time you camped in my backyard. When my mom woke and looked down at your truck sitting there, she yelled to my dad to come see what Bill dragged home last night and seconds later you came crawling out of the back. What a hoot—. My dad always asked me how the wooly guy from New Jersey was doing. Remembering the good times you had with your dad will help you get through these difficult times. With warm regards, Bill Garland