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  • How I got started.

    Hi, my name is Jon Martin and I live in Morton, Illinois. I got my feet wet three yeats ago upon purchasing a 1953 M-37 at a local county auction. We purchased the truck for $500, had it running that afternoon. The truck had been a high school autobody project 5 years eariler so it didn't have the customary six coats of red paint. I have been trying fix all the little problems on the truck while trying to avoid all the major problems......what is that awful knock comming from the motor anyways?

    Great Forum, keep up the good work Gordon!

    Jon Martin
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    wow, I don't know how to post a picture.

    Any idea what I did wrong with the picture? File too big?




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      Lets try this....


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        What is the file size of your photo? There is a limit on file size, but I think it will just reject the attempt, rather than do what it did with your photo.

        Please let me know what the file size is. Maybe I will ask you to e-mail it to me, and I can try it.
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