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Grand parents work horse!

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  • Grand parents work horse!

    Well when i was a little kid their was this old yellow truck in my backyard that i had always said i wanted to fix it up and drive it. Years past and i lost interest until last year i was talking to a friend and he was talking about how is dad used an old pwer wagon to pull people out. After reasearching the power wagons i decided to start this great project. Well i asked my grand mother if i could have the truck and she said yes, I also asked about how they got it and what it was used for. They got it from US Borax when they would do most of their scrap handling for them. It had an A frame on the front a head ache rack and pipe racks hanging off the side of the bed. It was in good shape considering. They had use it many times to pull our well up. And it ran until the day they parked it 15 years ago.and then it had nothing wrong with it. The truck has dents in the cab no insulation and the bed was full odf bricks as counter wieghts. The truck is VERY complete. I was happy. My father is the manager of the largest military surplus dealer on the west coast and have often dealt with Vintage power wagons and other people that i could get parts from. His boss even brought Dave, the owner of VPW to see my truck. I was very happy about that. Well that is how i have come to start this project and cannot wait until i get it running. I am also hoping to buy a 6x6 in my area that has not moved in years. By the way i forgot to say what year it is. It is a !947 WDX.
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