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Hole beneath starter

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  • Hole beneath starter

    Found this hole (beneath and to the left of my starter) after I took my starter off. Could not see any threads on it or feel any. Tried to find this in any of my manuals and could not find it either - could easily be the operator. Can someone with more knowledge then me please let me know what this would be for? This was on my 48 PW however the engine has stamps for a 55 and 53 if I read them correctly. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Dowel pin??


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      Confirmed - Dowel pin

      Thanks. It is for a dowel pin and has been confirmed by many.

      I have also found out today that I have a 1955 Plymouth 230 - thanks Matt W.


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        Your very Welcome, keep us updated on your projects. It is great to watch them progress.
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