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Wanted M37 manuals and MWO

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  • Wanted M37 manuals and MWO

    I am looking for M37 original manuals and MWO as follows:

    TM-2320-212-20 organizational maintenance repair

    MWO ORD 6741-W10 Tailgate support, M37

    TM 9-1840A-TO 19-75B-15 - Ordnance Maintenance Engine (Dodge Model T-245) Clutch (Borg and Beck Model 11828) June 1952

    TM 9-2520-232-35 Ordnance Field and Depot Maintenance Transmission, Mechanical Assembly - (2520-627-8308) (New Process Model No. 420) July 1959

    TM- 9 1840A Engine & clutch M37

    TM- 9 2320-212-34P Direct and general support repair parts, M37

    I have the following items for trades

    1) A office copy (reprint) in a green Canadian military binder in very nice shape. Was used by one of my relatives in the Canadian military in the 50ís.

    Repair Manual
    Trucks 3/4 Ton 4x4 Dodge
    Cargo M37 Cdn
    Command M42 Cnd
    Ambulance M43 Cdn
    Issued January 1954
    Chrysler Corp. of Canada Ltd

    2) FM 23-3 Techniques of antitank warfare August 1966, original

    3) TM 9-1005-211-12 M1911A September 1968, original

    4) FM 44-30 Visual aircraft recognition March 1969, original

    5) Department of the army pamphlet 30-50-2 Hand book on the satellite armies 15 May 1954, original



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    l have maybe some of that stuff / email me


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      What is the meaning of MWO?
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        MWO are Modifications Work Orders.

        Modifications Work Orders are like a change or an update done like ORD 6741-W10, Tailgate support, M37 .



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          Paddy you probably took care of this a long time ago but I just sold my M37 Saturday along with a complete set of TMs I bought my manuals through Patrick at Portrayal press he is a great guy and knows a whole lot about the TM for lots of trucks. Another good source for you would be the Steel Solders web site. They have all the TM for lots and lots of trucks on the website and if you search around a bit your likely to find somebody with a set they would be willing to sell!
          Good luck