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M37 engine swap

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  • M37 engine swap

    I recently swapped the original M37 engine for a civilian model of the same vintage. I'm converting to 12 volt and negative ground, using a resistor coil in lieu of a resistor in the wiring. I'm also using a voltage guage rather than the amp meter. Since it turns over, but won't start, I'm obviously doing something wrong. Does anyone have any ideas or a procedure/wiring diagram for this? I changed the coil wire over and am wondering if I missed something else.

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    the gauge shouldn't have changed anything on the engine as far as power is concerned.

    Do you have spark? If not, have you gotten the multimeter out and checked for power to the dizzy and coil? Also this may sound really stupid, but make sure you check the firing order on the distributor. A lot of times you can get them set one point off in the rotation


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      Just to determine if the gauge swap is causing the problem try reinstalling the original one and see what happens.


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        if you wired the gauge properly it should have essentially zero interaction with your ignition module. It should just come straight off the master kill switch, but you can just disconnect it and check, but it shouldn't be doing anything with your ignition. It is however imperative that you didn't wire it in place of the ammeter because the ammeter has + on both sides of the meter whereas the volt meter has + and -

        Here's the M37 master wiring diagram for the B1 so there are some differences but not many.


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          Thanks guys for the info. It's been -30F lately and as soon as it warms up, I'll check things out using your suggestions.