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  • Mine still has the screws in them. And some wood actually. Give me a bit I'll see what they are.

    -jim lee


    • Originally posted by Bruce in BC View Post
      I gave up on the old style swing arm sending units after wearing out two of them. Now on my third unit it is a floatless model used on big trucks. Ispro unit i think.
      I was just looking at those myself. Mine is not working right, and after our cold snap I've got some other fuel issues to track down too. Once the Desoto is out of the shop I'll have to drop the tank and make some modifications. This really cold weather has been causing problems where the truck starts losing fuel intermittently, luckily that's supposed to break today.


      • So, I updated a lot of things in my build of my truck. Things that I haven't dropped into this thread and some things that I have. If you follow this thread and want to see what I've been up to, go check it out. I give slight details in here but not everything that I put over there.
        1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.


        • I guess Ill be owning at least one Carryall for the rest of my life, unless... Well industrial accident. This girl nailed this piece.
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          1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.


          • Carryall layout plan

            I consider the original drawing as a piece of art. The free hand lettering, arrow heads and all the notes make for a very nice piece. A 18"x32" reproduction with blue background and beige lettering and lines would make a nice picture for any enthusiasts wall.

            I hit a wall on the carryall. Ended up having an issue with the bottom coolant hose. The version you see here is my first one. It almost worked. It was fine when I test fit it with all the pieces in place, but once the clamps were tightened it moved over just enough to interfere with the fan. I ordered another hose (the black one) trimmed it one inch longer and changed the tube in the middle to an elbow. Things seem to work in that department. Only change I would make would be to have the shroud 1/4" narrower. I may change the heater hose location. I want to make room to run a bigger air cleaner and take air from outside of the truck.
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            • Back on the road :)

              Took a bit of tweaking to get the fuel up to the injectors but the engine is running. As I was test driving the truck I could hear quite an annoying clinkitty sound that only got louder. Turned out the rear engine lift bracket had not been torqued down.
              Drove it 10 miles and found a coolant leak, lower rad hose, same one I blew off on my first run two years ago. I have trouble knowing how far to tighten those T bolt style clamps.
              My biggest issue was another clackity noise that developed shortly after taking the truck down the highway. Really sounded like the tappets needed adjusting. Took the truck to the car wash and was pleased to find I had popped off the pyrometer probe. Tightened that back in place and all the new annoying noise went away.

              So my timing belt stayed in place and the new idler pulley seems to work fine. Now that I have a shroud the engine seems to heat up a bit faster but the fan has yet to come on and the engine temps never climbed over 190 degrees. It will be interesting to see how the new shroud works to control engine temps.

              Lots to do yet, all those things I wanted to do but could not get to because of the blown head gasket and head issues.

              From the looks of things machining the injectors down from 9mm to 7mm worked just fine.


              • The shakedown runs are so much fun..anxious..but fun. Your shroud will make a big difference in high load/low speed operation. One of the issues ive run into in the past is overall airflow. Usually the reason the big block vega has trouble in traffic. If there isnt a reasonable path for the hot air that comes through the rad and then picks up the radiated heat from the hot engine to exit the engine compartment things can become uncontrollable. This was also a common problem swapping a performance v8 into an old dodge A100 van.. the transmission tunnel was so far under the van and tight enough that the width and extra heat of the v8 would cook an auto trans in short order..slant 6 no problems..if you have trouble in summer try running with your lower hood halves off.
                Laminar flow ..give your fan somewhere to exhaust.
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                • "its chicken man" well me and a couple of others

                  A group was driving up one side of a mountain , through a pass and down to an abandoned kids camp. There was snow in the pass and snow on the road down. had one washout that a couple of trucks came close to rolling in, up on two wheels and the butt end sliding out. A couple saved themselves because they gunned their trucks and managed to power their way to what would have been a flop. I was tempted but when several others elected to turn around I decided to turn around as well. Not sure that gunning a 4bt Cummins would produce the same results as a high revving gasser I did pull out a vehicle later in the day, sunk to its frame in the snow, chained up too. They were fine, until they pulled to the side of the road to turn around and sank to the frame.
                  Big old winch pulled them out PDQ.
                  Engine seems to be fine, I do have a bit of a squeak, squeak, squeak from the belt. Had it before I changed to the custom idler. Same squeak but different tune and lower volume.

                  take care


                  • traffic jam in the middle of no where

                    this was taken yesterday. About 150 ft from the washout that was doing its best to flip trucks on their side. the carryall was the oldest vehicle there by a good 35 years . There were two early Broncos tucked away in the mix and the rest were 90s and up. the Broncos were locked, had full cages, one ton axles and 42 inch tires. Nice capable vehicles. edit: there is a glitch, the photo is upright in my folder and on my computer, not sure why it is side ways here.
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                    • Bruce,
                      Awesome pictures. Looks like a lot of fun too.
                      David Bemis


                      • That looks like a great weekend, as far as wheeling chained up in the snow, what tire pressure are you running Bruce. Just curious, I spent the weekend cutting firewood and dragging trees off of the frozen pond. I chose to go the route of the Four wheel drive Kubota tractor and left all the trucks in the shop.
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                        • trip update

                          I did not go through the washout. It was complicated and several vehicles had their rear ends slide out and their trucks would end up on two wheels at which point they needed to hit the go pedal to recover. I was tempted, but when about 1/2 the trucks backed out, some caged, I figured maybe I should take the cautious route and pack it in. It turns out there was two roll overs on the trip out and one roll over on the trip in, and a mess of close calls.
                          Air pressure ? I did something different, I chained up the front and all the tires where down around 17 psi. This worked quite well, I did not see any issues with the tires. In the past I have left the tires aired up when using chains. I need to space the rear tires out a bit more before I run chains on the rear. Right now there is no room to get them in there without having them hit the tubs. I figure a set of cable chains would fit fine. But to use them I would have to make a custom set.
                          Lockers - the truck was much more stable with the lockers off. With the rear locker on the rear would slip sideways on the smallest camber. I did lock up the front a few times while turning around or creeping up a hill.
                          Later in the afternoon I was driving on top of about 2 ft of compact snow with about 10 inches of fresh on top. Driving off the packed snow, to turn around, the truck would sink quite deep, but it did crawl out without any issues.
                          I was happy with how the truck handled. The cab was nice and toasty, two heaters does the job.

                          take care out there


                          • Really surprised you didn't slide off the trail at that 90 degree angle, not sure I would want to be standing on the low side like that LOL

                            Seriously that really looks like fun, I do miss the snow.


                            • Originally posted by Bruce in BC View Post
                              edit: there is a glitch, the photo is upright in my folder and on my computer, not sure why it is side ways here.
                              Many cameras just put a marker on the photo to identify which way is up. Newer versions of windows, and I'd imagine most Macs, can read that marker and display the photo the "right" way. However the picture is technically saved like you see it here.

                              Sounds like fun, kind of wish I had the ability to go play with mine like that. I did haul some furniture in it the other day though so that made me happy.


                              • With the new PWA site up and running, I thought I would see how it works and post some pictures of the Carryall Kit that I ordered from VPW back in 1990. The kit came complete and was very easy to put together. I felt like a young boy putting my first model together. By the way, some of you may remember these pictures from when I first posted them a few years ago on April 1st.

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