Unless you have sat on the porch and discussed your Power Wagon and life it is hard to understand this view.
The walls of the porch are 6 feet high and you sit elevated to look upon the fields.
When the snow begins piling up here, that means it is a real snow storm, and you know that the drifting in the lane is getting bad.
The weatherman says a foot of snow by the end of the day tomorrow, already with 6 plus inches since early afternoon he may be a little short.
Time will tell. I know it isn't a Power Wagon, but the trusty Ramcharger known as Ryan, made it home without missing a lick.
360 powered with 3.23 gears and a suregrip in the rear axle makes easy work of a blizzard.
A day of parts and phone calls, technical assistance and a few cups of coffee in the shop were ended with some time in the seat of the tractor.
5 am will come early to get more snow moved before I head into the shop and hop in the bobcat for more snow there.
I hope you all have had a great day and keep us all informed on your projects.