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  • Budd Dual Wheel Part Numbers

    Trying to determine if I have the ability to run dual rear wheels when I, someday, get this truck back together. I have 6 rims, 5 of which are date stamped as 46 and have the small lock ring that can only accommodate the 7.50 tires. The other is stamped 66 and has the more common larger lock ring. My 46 rims are all stamped "BUDD DUALS" and have the part number 47900. However, when I set two of the rims (with tires) next to each other, the tires touch. I assume this would mean they are not the dual wheel rims, but I wasn't sure because of how they were stamped.

    Does anyone know if these are single or dual rims? My build card is stamped Axel Ratio 5.8, so if I can't pull off the prestige of running duals, I'll probably look into finding some new rims that will allow me to run the larger tires so I increase my top speed from 35 to 37 mph...

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    A Budd 47900, 16" x 5.50F, has 4.00" of positive offset which is too shallow to handle any DRW installation. Neither with 7.50" or 9.00" tires. There were only two that I find record of that will handle duals. They are Budd 44380, 16" x 5.50F, having 4.75" of positive offset and correct for 7.50-16" tires, and Budd 66730, 16" x 6.50H having 5.875" of positive offset and correct for the 9.00-16". The earliest Budd reference showing the 66730 is 1954 and last is 1960. Stu


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      Thanks Truckdog, that's great info.

      Based on the fact that I've got 4 matching rims that are all date stamped as 46, I'm guessing they're all original. My build card shows code (2) for both the front and rear tires, and code (1) for the wheels. Looks like that particular combo designated the 7.50's on SRW. Sticking with the 7.50's on my 5.8 axel ratio isn't going to do me any favors for keeping up with traffic (even on the back roads), so I'll probably hold on to these to keep as much original material together as possible and start thinking about what route I want to go for some "around town" wheels. From reading the forums, I gather I've got some options if I want to change things up.