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New here and requesting help/advise please

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  • New here and requesting help/advise please

    Could someone please suggest a source or person I could contact, who might be able to advise me on the value’s of a 46 WDX , 47 WDX, 48 B-1? The research I have done has led me to further confusion. Values are all over the place. I collected 4 Power Wagons a long time ago in my younger years. I will only be able to keep and complete one. I have not been active in the PW world for some time, So I am asking for some help in determining a fair value. I really hope this is OK to post a request like this. I just need some advice from people who know these amazing trucks. Thank you in advance.

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    Truck value varies greatly due to locations and condition as well as local market issues.

    It's hard to compare for sale vehicles with out having either seen them in person or having a lot of appropriate high quality/resolution pictures of the vehicle.

    Others can help give some value guidance, but they will need as detailed of information and condition as you can provide along with the pictures. It's best to review current adds, and recent sales and see how your truck compares. Keep in mind that the asking price in an add isn't necessarily the price it can be bought for. Some like playing the "Reality TV" negotiating game of asking twice what it's worth, others will be straight and honest and say here's the price, take it or leave it, most will be some where in between.
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      Originally posted by W_A_Watson_II View Post
      Truck value varies greatly due to locations and condition as well as local market issues.
      Yep, the rude answer is "whatever someone is willing to pay". How wide a net are you willing to cast, e-bay and some of the national auction sites could get you better money but you'll have to deal with all the crazy that will bring.

      To be helpful one good resource for you is the Hagerty valuation tool I linked to. It's a national average and like W. A. said what you will actually get depends on a LOT of different factors, but could help you ballpark it.


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        Thank you very much for the great advice. There is a huge variation depending on where I look to compare my trucks to ones that are similar. Again thank you for taking the time to help.


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          Norm if you could post pictures and specific details of your build we can help a little more by discussing different things about it.