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Windshield Wiper Motor Adjustment

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  • Windshield Wiper Motor Adjustment

    Not familiar at all on theses vacuum wiper motors. Just installed a pair of NOS motors I found on ebay, got arms and blades from VPW, hooked up vacuum from intake manifold and they work. My question is can adjustments be made for speed and amount of swing? The wipers seem to move very fast (even at idle) and the swing allows wiper blades to sweep across center windshield bar and hit the windshield frame at opposite side. The below short YouTube link shows the movement. Does this look normal and/or can it be adjusted. Thanks

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    1st, Merry Christmas to all. Just wondering if someone could post a pic of their windshield wiper arm assembly. I can build a truck from the ground up but can not figure out the littlest of things. I think I have my arms on backwards having the slight bend in arms facing downwards, see pics but wanted to verify with another 1st series PW owner. Thanks and again, Happy Holidays. IMAG0705.jpgIMAG0706.jpg


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      Here are a couple of pictures of the wiper arms on my '49. Not sure if these will help much or not. It's been quite a few years since my truck has run (I'm working to remedy this), but as best I recall, the wipers were operating within the confines of the windshield frame. I do remember having to take the arms off the vacuum motor shaft and trying the out in different positions (lining up the arms on different splines of the shafts). I may have also figured out a way to rotate the blades on the arms, but I don't know that there was an intended adjustment. I may have just rigged it up to allow an adjustment. I also seem to remember that when I would shut off the wipers, they would go to a "home" position that was up on the the frame, even though they operated within the frame while running. I probably manually moved them to the positions they are in, in these photos.

      Otherwise, I know of no adjustments that can be made to these wipers arms or motors. It may just require tinkering on your part.

      Good luck!
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        Tex I believe that looks correct, I looked all around the yard and I actually do not have a Power Wagon here with the wipers still on it. And my WDX doesn't have a functioning wiper on it. I am sorry I don't have alot of help on this. As far as speed adjustment running the vacuum they are either on or off, as the engine speeds up and the vacuum goes down you should see the wipers slow down some.
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          Matt and Matt thanks. I spoke with the person I got my NOS motors from "thewiperman" who viewed my video and believed I had the wiper arms mounted on wrong sides. If you look at the photos above in post 1 you will see that the arms have a slight bend in them. I tried to see if these bends were in the arms in Matt Wilson photos but they look straight. Based on thewiperman recommendation, I swapped the arms and they do not contact the center bar or upper frame corners has hard but still do. Anyone have pics of their arms installed so I can see if they are straight or have a slight bend in them and if so, what direction the bend is? Thanks


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            My wiper are bent "up" on each side. Have had the best luck with short wiper blades. Seems like the shorter 8 1/2" ones work better than the 10" blades.

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              Thanks 53Crusher, I do believe if I were to use slightly shorter blades then it may eliminate the contact I am having although I just bought these new arms & blades and not sure its worth the cost to return them (the blades only).