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Side Windows Installation w/ Wing Vents

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  • Side Windows Installation w/ Wing Vents


    I'm sure this is on the forum somewhere. I have searched and I've found some posts, but most of the glass was busted in my 1950 and I don't think there were even window cranks on the doors. We are pulling our hair out trying to install the side windows having no complete starting point to refer to. Does anyone have a shop manual or some detailed steps on installing side glass with vent windows? My sanity would be grateful for the help. On a positive note I don't think we are too far from being finished with the restoration.

    Scott Dobson

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    Ok The wing window assembly has to be installed first. Once the inner and outer is assembled with the weatherstrip you have to open the assembly to about 45 degrees or so and install that.

    Then after that division bar to division bar weatherstrip. Small aluminum riviets do this.
    Once that is done attach the lower window channel to the division bar. Verify that you have the drivers side and passenger side correct on lower channel. You dont want to get the window in and realize that it wont attach to the regulator.

    Install the glass into the lower channel and division bar. I like using 1/16th inch thick glass setting tape for this.

    Take this window assembly and lower into the door from the top channel. let it rest inside the door.

    Next lets install the flexible channel run with clips, if you look in the door you will see the channel this sits in. Down towards the bottom on the latch side of the door there will be a small v that keeps the channel run some what in place. Do a trial fit without the clips and feed into the channel until it comes up to and meets the wing window at the top. You will probably have to cut and shorten.

    Now depending on if you were able to save the original clips or have new replacement units. You have 4 clips per side. The factory clips have an ear on the back to slide over the metal edge inside the door. The aftermarket clips have an arrow point and you may have to drill holes to get them to hold the way you would like.

    Once you have this part done, I am sure you have created new and colorful words. Lets install the weatherstrip into the adjustable run that bolts and unbolts inside of the door that sits on the firewall side of the door and the division bar runs up and down inside of. This weatherstrip is installed with 2 large headed brass split rivets.

    Set aside and do not install yet.

    Recap, Wing window assembly is installed, flexible glass channel is installed, roll up glass is installed into lower channel and division bar and sitting down inside the door. You also have the weatherstrip installed in the front removable channel.

    Now lets install the door glass bumpers on the inside top edge of the door and the sweeps on the outer edge of the door. I cut the sweep to the appropriate length measure and mark on the sweep where the sweep clips need attached and crimp onto the sweep itself. Then You can install the sweep with clips. Now the door bumpers just push into the oval slots on the inside top edge of the door.

    If you have another set of hands now is the time to get those. Reach inside the door and slide the roll up glass assembly all the way up until it is fully seated into the flexible channel run. Hold the window in place and install the window regulator into the door. once this is done lower the window back down use the window hand crank to lower the arms of the regulator. Then slide the arms of the regulator into the slots of the lower channel. I normally now spray the removable front channel, the inside felt portion with white lithium grease, it fits incredibly tight over the edge of the division bar. Once you have it inside the door push it over the edge of the division bar and loosely attach with the mounting screws into the door. There is a little adjustment here. You will have to move it some to get the adjustment right. I also spray the white lithium grease onto the wing window weatherstrip as well to ease the opening and closing of the wing window.

    Let me know if you need any more clarification or if this makes sense on the assembly of these pieces.

    Good luck, and be patient with this. It does take a bit of time for sure.
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      This would be a great demonstration at the rally.


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        Side windows are in. Thank you all for your help. It's great that people in this world will still take time to help out a complete stranger.


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          Front end is pretty much done.



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            Glad you were able to get the windows in. The truck is looking great.