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  • Bearings

    I have a 1956 Power Wagon. I've been waiting for months for Vintage Power Wagons to produce rear differential bearings. I'm tired of waiting. Do you know someone who may have them?

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    I assume you're looking for the double race bearing set? The rest IIRC are readily available from most auto-parts stores or even Amazon once you have the bearing numbers which you can turn up here or via the PIF on Joe's site. As for the double race set they are hard to find, last I heard there were some floating around on e-bay but they are not usually cheap. Interestingly the bearings are a common part and readily available, it's the double race that's hard to find and out of production.


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      Dave Cirillo DC Truck parts.
      Or his EBay store @

      Great guy to deal with, he has the bearings individual or Complete Kit's.
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        the double race i was able to find on amazon actually just have to be patient and wait for it to come up. 123 bearing claimed to have the bearings and race however they did not and took in excess of a month to refund my payment to them for 2 sets.


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          Those have been harder and harder to find lately.
          if the double pinion bearing and race is still in good condition,
          why not re run it?
          THe tough one to work with is the large bearing closest to the pinion gear. 53187 I think is the number.
          9 times out of 10 I end up destroying the cage getting it off.
          I have the correct tool for the 5.83 but nothing for the 4.89.
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            I have a pile of weird bearings I got at an auction. If anyone has some BCA, NTN, or Timken interchange numbers, I can look and see if I have anything. I know there are a handful of double race type bearings in my stock.



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