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Trans/Transfer case

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  • Trans/Transfer case

    Hey guys I could not find the SEARCH button for our forums so I am sure this is going to be a RE-POST sorry, I have my 50 Power Wagon torn down the body is 60% done, the engine is rebuilt I just need to reassemble it, the frame and many other parts are going in for powder coating next week. My job over the next couple weeks is to go through and check out/ reseal the transmission and transfer case. The Trans looks like a New Process but I am not sure who mfg the transfer case, would you guys be able to confirm MFG and give me model numbers for these two components I am looking for a good exploded view of both and without model # and MFG its a little difficult to find.
    Thanks for your assistance!


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    The search box on the main Forum Page is in the upper right of the screen. Inside a topic is an additional search box as well.
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      Karl, that should be an NP200 Transfer case. Grab the casting numbers off of both and we can verify. The T Case was used for many years in the old dodges, and that transmission should be a first series transmission with a casting number of 38126.
      Let me know sir. And have a great day!
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