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    Hey guys I could not find the SEARCH button for our forums so I am sure this is going to be a RE-POST sorry, I have my 50 Power Wagon torn down the body is 60% done, the engine is rebuilt I just need to reassemble it, the frame and many other parts are going in for powder coating next week. My job over the next couple weeks is to go through and check out/ reseal the transmission and transfer case. The Trans looks like a New Process but I am not sure who mfg the transfer case, would you guys be able to confirm MFG and give me model numbers for these two components I am looking for a good exploded view of both and without model # and MFG its a little difficult to find.
    Thanks for your assistance!


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    The search box on the main Forum Page is in the upper right of the screen. Inside a topic is an additional search box as well.
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      Karl, that should be an NP200 Transfer case. Grab the casting numbers off of both and we can verify. The T Case was used for many years in the old dodges, and that transmission should be a first series transmission with a casting number of 38126.
      Let me know sir. And have a great day!
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        Any updates on this? It would be great to see photos if you took any during your re-seal work..


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          Hey guys sorry for my absence this summer I did not have much time to devote to the PW but over the last few weeks I have gotten the frame Powder coated all the running board support brackets and radiator support bracket powdered, then came the rear leaf springs and drums should be done this week. I as of this evening finished stripping down the front and rear axle assemblies with the job now to remove both center sections then both housings will go in for powder coating then reassembly starts. I could not find new front leaf springs so a shop in town is making a set for me, when they are done and fitted they will also be powder coated before install. I have all the parts in hand to rebuild the axle housings, seals gaskets etc. Next on the list will be inspection and fixing anything that needs fixing on the trans and transfer case, I know the PTO needs a full rebuild then comes reassembly of engine its been overhauled I just need to assemble it. Things are moving in a positive direction guys! I will be posting more often since things are moving once again!


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            Hey guys I have been cranking on the 50 Power Wagon and making progress although seemingly slow! I have never taken the front axle housing assembly totally apart so today was a day of learning! I pulled the center sections last week and today was taking the end knuckle enclosures off the ends of the axle housing I have a book but it gave little to no info on how to do this so it was a lets get it done and proceed. It was actually kind of neat how they come apart all fairly simple and straight forward, I was amazed at the amount of 80-90 weight sludge inside everything but I sure guess thats better than finding none! Got everything off then spent a couple hours over the wash tank degreasing everything I think I have discovered AMBER but its made of 70 year old grease on this truck. There have been many times I have resorted to small prybars instead of scrapers to remove some of this old stuff that resembles grease but acts like concrete to remove. My goals this week are to pull the carriers and pinion on both diffs so I can inspect all the bearings and get both the axle housing washed both inside and outside along with the diffs and get them ready for powder coating next week. Get that done and I can start the reassembly of the rear half of the suspension. Next on the list is Trans and transfer case. I just keep moving forward and the list slowly gets just a bit shorter every day!
            Have a very great Christmas everybody and a very safe and Happy New Year!!!