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The restoration of my 69 Power Wagon

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    If you do a search for. 1946 dodge power wagon 6 wheel drive tractor you can see how the winshield was modified. You will see why you have all those holes around the opening. They had a metal overlay that held two separate glass pieces. They were rubber mounted and did not open. The truck you are looking for is yellow with back fenders and emblems. The builder set it up as a semi truck with a custom built trailer. It is powered by a Cummins 6 bt motor. It's an awesome build. I found a front on picture of it on Pinterest using the words.....1946 dodge power wagon 6 wheel drive the search wheel drive was typed as one word but I couldn't stop auto correct from separating them.
    your project is wonderful keep on posting we need the content help rebuild the advertiser.
    Thanks, Jim