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rear axle/differential housing assembly

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  • rear axle/differential housing assembly

    Hello folks the day is here to install the rear axle assembly under the frame of the Power Wagon and I thought I took enough pictures, sadly upon closer examination I did not. Do you guys know of a good assembly diagram of the assembly of the rear leaf springs and the entire shackle assembly that goes on the axle housing? I have the maintenance and parts book but in looking at these its not giving me enough information to confidently assemble this. Any pics or reference to a location with good pics would sure help!
    Thanks guys

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    Hi Karl,

    I dont have have any answers or pics for your question sorry. I did reassemble my rear axle I remove them and replaced all bushings. I didn’t take the leaf springs apart. Then remounted the spring and set it on the axles and reinstalled the shackles.

    I’m rebuilding my front knuckles and when I got the drivers side apart I noticed there was a lot of grease in the axle tube past the oil seal toward the differential. I don’t know if there should be grease in the axle tube (housing) front the knuckle past oil seal into the tube. I would assume gear oil would flow in the differential and axle tubes to the oil seal on either side and there should only be grease in the knuckle itself.

    I have purused the web to no avail to find an answer. I was also looking to find best way to clean the grease in the axle tube my hand and arm will only go so far...