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  • Trans/transfer case lubricant

    Hey guys I swear I searched for half an hour and did not find what I am looking for. I just rebuild the trans in my 50 PW and the transfer case is next I have been looking around for straight 50 wt non-synthetic oil to run in these components and every place I go only sell the lubricant by the 5 gallon bucket, I sold my M37 last week and all I have now is the PW and I will never need that much oil. Do you have any suggestion where a good place to order the oil from where I dont need to buy 5 gallons?
    Thanks guys

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    Hey Karl I Have been reading too (dangerous I know) but I’ve seen several posts for Lucas 50 wt transmission fluid for both trans and t case. Kind of discouraging as I’m a Valvoline guy.


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      Hello Craig I looked at the Valvoline VR1 RACING Lubricant, this is hardly anything close to a "racing" environment! Craig this is a Synthetic lube isn't it? Is that OK to run in these old trucks? The reason I ask is I also collect military trucks both German and US and I have a Deuce and was going to be "the smart guy" and run synthetic in the engine, I went from a truck without a leak in it to puddles all over under that engine. I switched out the synthetic and went to to my 15w40 that I run in almost all of them and after a few day it stopped leaking and was good as new, I wont have that problem here will I?


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        I found that the Lucas Synthetic 50 WT Transmission Oil meets my needs and the transmission's specifications. However in the TC I still run an 85-90wt Gear oil.

        "Common gear oils are mostly base stocks with little more than an addition of sulfur and phosphorus as a total anti-wear package. Most heavy duty truck transmission manufacturers now consider sulfur and phosphorus to be potentially corrosive to copper and brass and consequently recommend against common gear oils for this reason."

        Some of the guys run 50et Motor Oil as they say it's the closest to the original trans oil spec. but I've been very happy with the Lucas.
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          Yes that is a synthetic racing oil. I have seen the older vehicles that switched to a full synthetic oil start to leak I suppose it’s because the synthetic oils are so thin. On older vehicles I recommend the correct weight in a synthetic blend or just conventional oil.

          Will is correct on the t case 85/90 weight Non- synthetic. I’m glad Will chimed in on the gear oil I think the differentials also use the 85/90 weight gear oil.


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            Thank you guys very much for the info, it certainly make my decision easier! I tore down my transfer case today and am happy to report that all looks good so far in there over the next couple days I will run everything through the parts washer so I can closely inspect bearings then make sure the case is cleaned out inside and out then media blast the case and get it ready for powder coating then reassembly! Next comes PTO then reassemble the engine, my list is getting shorter!!
            Thanks again for the assist Guys!!


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              I’ve used 50 weight Valvoline (non-synthetic) racing motor oil successfully in my TC, based on recommendation by Charles Tolbert, a well know PW builder, but also the 80-90 at other times.
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                Hey guys what grease are you using in the knuckles? I have Valvoline Cerulean grease that is NLGI #2.


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                  Thanks Doc. I’ll get my hands on some of the racing 50 weight for TC.


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                    I also have heard good things about that Lucas 50wt transmission oil. I will be swapping the tranny and transfercase over to it in my w200 before winter.
                    as far as steering knuckle grease. I use the same grease that I pack the wheel bearings in. It is a red Mol disc/drum grease. I will get the information off of the drum.
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