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  • Transfer case outputs

    Hello guys and I dont know if my brain is overloaded or what but I finished my transfer case reassembly this morning the typical stuff bearings and seals and when I got the case correctly situated on the stand a question came up in my mind, I have the front input from the trans, I have the front output to the front differential then I have the rear output to the rear differential then I have another powered output on the rear that I may have mistakenly put a yoke on? What is this last output for? The yoke I put on this rear output may be the yoke I need to put on the back of the transmission? I know this sound very stupid and it likely is, but I am just looking for some clarification please!
    Thanks much and hope I am not wasting your folks time with something that is probably so obvious I cant see it? Thanks much for any clarification you may be able to provide?

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    Sorry guys I figured it out and yes I had the outputs setup completely wrong! I get to take the case apart again though! Sorry to bother you guys!