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  • 1950 ffpw pto

    Hello folks today was a good day I finished the rebuild of the transfer case on my truck, another big step completed. I am wondering if any of you may have a picture of the PTO assembly complete out of transmission? Who ever owned my truck previous to me modified it to a pull knob on the dash and removed the floor lever activation, Why, the only thing I can think of is the lever by their foot bothered them? but the bottom line is they modified the activation of the PTO linkage itself and I need to put it back to original and I will be overhauling this component at the same time. I am going to have to purchase the linkage and the lever to put it back to original and a pic of how its supposed to look would be a big help.
    Also if you folks have any words of things I need to be aware of before I tear this part down that also would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks much guys.

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    Hi Karl

    Glad you got the PTO rebuilt. I’ve been on a holding pattern with my ‘63 got the NP435 rebuilt, PTO rebuilt, completed the 4 wheel disk brake conversion changed diff gears to 4.30s didn’t want to screw them up and had Vintage Power Wagon do the swap I actually did one and didn’t trust myself to make sure the backlash was correct. Decided to go with the 360LA repower so waiting on motor to be delivered ( turn key efi and electronic ignition) and waiting on a new gas tank.

    the bed was rotted out on ‘63 and my ‘48 had. 3rd series bed decided to take it off for the ‘63 and bought new 1st series bed for the ‘48 new panels are at paint shop also had them fix a couple rust spots on both doors and had it repainted it was already red with black trim so I went back with that. Will try to get pics and post on VPW Facebook.

    Keep up the work. Craig


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      Craig you are moving along pretty good on your truck, I am pretty sure faster than I have been. Craig you are staying with the original running gear in your conversion? Its interesting about your brake update I bet that will make a world of difference, by any chance did you re-locate your master cylinder? Of all the trucks both military and civilian I have owned I do believe the PW has the most difficult master cylinder ever to work on while its on the truck. Speaking of master Cylinder I need to get working on getting that cleaned up and overhauled. Craig what are you using for a radiator in your truck with the different engine? I am sticking with the original radiator but need to get it re-cored, its strange but around here it seems folks dont want to work on any BIG or different radiators? I have a M977 HEMTT 8 wheel drive Cargo truck with the material handling system and I need to pull that radiator this spring I have a leak between the bottom tank and where it joins the core it should sure be fixable but the first place in town I called told me on a radiator that size that could be a 10K repair! Needless to say he wanted NO PART of working on it Craig!
      Take care and keep up with the progress!


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        Yes, I am keeping the original drive train. On the ‘63 PW I did change the rear end to a same size WC centered differential with 4.30 gears. I had my original radiator serviced and hope to use it with the repower. Also I got Gregg Coffins undercab mount brake booster to keep the original pedals. Hopefully I won’t regret not changing to the hanging pedals. We have a radiator shop here that is awesome went through mine fixed a couple leaks cleaned it and painted it for $30.00. Hopefully I have most everything mounted in a few months. I hope to have the frame wiring and brake lines run and start the engine Once that is complete I’ll work on putting the Bobby back on. Right now body it at paint shop all cancer spots repaired it’s in primer state right now.