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    Hey guys I seem to have run into a problem and could use some ideas. On my PTO the previous owner at some point decided he did not want the lever on the floor to engage the PTO so he cut it all up and made it so he could use a push/pull knob he then mounted to the dash, I dont want that. I need a new endplate for my PTO, VPW does not have them and Steve told me this could be a pretty good challenge to find one. Do you folks have any idea where to go to get an item such as this end plate in stock form?
    Thanks guys!

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    Aside from eBay, people on Forums like Tim Holloway and other possibilities, I would not rule out VPW all-together.
    The reason I ask that is because VPW has so much inventory, they don’t know everything that they have. On one of my trips there I found a NOS centered rear axle set from a 3/4 ton WC in one of their warehouses; it was unlisted in their catalog and they had to figure out a price. I needed this for a project.
    I also found a used (but usable) end, or “nose” plate for my PW’s PTO there. It was with other various parts from disassembled or incomplete PTO’s. I needed this item because mine was cracked and leaking. Again, this was in a box in one of the storage buildings, not in their main building where they usually pull parts from. I don’t think they knew for sure it was there. If I recall they said there were various PTO and parts in that storage building.
    I live about 1k miles from there, so I don’t go often. However it has consistently been worth a look..
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      Doc Dave I found the endplate at Midwest Military John sold it to me pretty reasonable