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very different PTO assembly

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  • very different PTO assembly

    Good evening folks I stripped my PTO assembly apart this weekend and powder coated the case and put it all back together and was looking through the seal kit I bought and the manual and my PTO is very different than whats supposed to be on there. Whoever owned my truck before me got rid of the lever on the floor to actuate the PTO and put in a cable driven actuator in my looking at it everything looked like I just replace the endplate and all is good, well NOT the case. My PTO is built by the Arrow Gear Co. and has 1S3 cast into the case and a steel tag on it that says SD71B on it I have made all the necessary gaskets for it but there is one seal that goes over the shift/control shaft that is a pressed in rubber and this I cannot make and need to buy a new one. Do you guys have any great ideas on where to find this item? Apparently Arrow Gear is still in business but they have nothing to do with PTO for old Power Wagons, any ides are certainly appreciated!

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    Thats a tough one Karl, in this case if you have your old seals still, take them into the parts house and match them up dimensionally is about your only option.
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      Matthew that is what I did the selection was rather limited and the seals that I ended up buying (they were all the same) of a far lesser quality than the originals, but like I said because of the size there was not much of a pool to choose from.
      Thanks much for your reply!


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        I don't think any thing made today has the same quality as what was produced in the past. For instance, I recently disassembled a small kids bicycle to repaint the frame & give to my grandson. I used to do the same thing to my own BMX bikes back in the 70's.The difference in the sturdiness of the components is like night & day. I truly believe I could crush the bearing cages with my bare hands, the metal (hope its metal) is so thin & fragile. Nothing is robust about what is being made today. Also everything has gone metric.



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          I could not agree more Bucky I got a seal its better than the "regular" but not very close to the original for sure. I looked really had at that original one and IF anybody still made one of that quality I bet it would cost 40.00 and I would gladly pay for that level of quality!