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oil pressure capillary tube

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  • oil pressure capillary tube

    Hey guys all is going very well on my truck but have a question that maybe you can answer? In the oil journal the hole by the distributor and the oil fill tube is where the oil pressure is drawn from can you tell me is there a steel tube that screws into this hole (obviously with a fitting) that then connects to the line coming from the oil pressure gauge? Or is the oil pressure gauge line long enough to reach this port in the block? I did not remove the body from my truck the body shop did and I did not notice how this was setup before they removed the body, hence my question.
    Thanks much guys!

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    Most everyone I've seen including mine has a connector about were the bell housing bolts would be.
    Steel line from gauge through firewall bends down to right above starter, then connector with another steel line to the block port.
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      Thanks much for the information Tom I figured it was something like that!