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    2 questions regarding torque spec on a 58 FFPW (with a 4.83 diff). I replaced the pinion seal and can’t seem to find the correct specs for my truck. I see in the manual specs for different kinds of differentials but when reading about mine it isn’t mentioned. I’ve read here that the M37’s call for 300 ft-lbs and getting it off seemed like it was over 1000 ft lbs. I used a 1/2” drive socket with a 4” pipe and put all my weight on it as well as heat and penetrate - my weight 4’ out is about 1200 ft lbs. so first question is what is the correct torque?

    2nd question is how critical is it. If it is 300ft lbs, can I put my 150lb torque wrench on it as a minimum. Then use my breaker bar with pipe and put about 150lbs of pressure on the pipe 2 ‘ out? That would seem to get me close.

    thank you
    PS I somehow managed to also post this in the archive section- my apologies