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79' W150 stalls when put into gear

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  • 79' W150 stalls when put into gear

    hello, I am looking for some help with my 79' W150 4x4 step side 318 auto. when my truck warms up and I go to put it in gear it stalls on me.I have changed vacuum hoses, new carb, plugs wires, cap rotor. all new ignition system components. checked the timing several times. new fuel pump and filter. when the truck is cold with choke closed I can shift it into drive and its fine. only after it warms up does it do this. thank you

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    not sure what carb you have, but...

    cold with the choke on, it should have a cam that raises the idle. Once the choke opens it will drop off the cam. There should be a separate adjustment for off choke idle speed. If it has a dashpot or vacuum positioner I think it may be the warm idle setting. The dashpot acts like a door closer and slows the throttle return, so the engine won't just drop to idle and stall.
    Also, these engines were being run very lean and were a bear to get running. I had a 318 in a van and fought it until one day I had a mixture sniffer test run and saw how lean it was. Went on line and bought a couple sets of over-sized main jets from Holly. I installed one set and the engine immediately ran smoother. I adjusted the carb mixture with a vacuum gauge and gave it a run. Gas mileage went up, idle was smoother and it had much more go to it.
    Do you have a FSM for this carb?
    Been a while for me, might want to list your carb number like "Holly 2245".
    Then we can do some looking for info.


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      Thanks for the reply. I have the warm idle screw set to about 850 rpm, not sure the model, its a carter bbd 2 barrel. Not sure what the dash pot is? Thanks again


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        So I looked up what a dashpot is and I do not have one of those on the carb. Actually the old carb didn't have one either. Does someone have a scematic for the 318 carter 2 barrel that would show how to hook ine up. Thanks


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          79 Carter BBD

          I have a CD FSM for 1979 Dodge Trucks. IMHO it is the only way to have a FSM. Never a greasy smear on the book... just print a new sheet. Downside is they are secure so you can't make a PDF, etc to share. I have bought several for different vehicles and anything done by "Dave Graham" is first class.
          I have bought several thru Faxon Literature, link below. $30

          Attached is a page scan from my FSM BBD section. Apparently the automatics use a "Vacuum Throttle Positioner". Both are shown on the attached page, 125KB does not give a very clear image.
          Hope this helps.
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            Thank you yes it does!!


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              so its a new carb and not adjusted right , warm it up and put it in gear [ have a helper do this] and adjust the base idle up till it stays running , now turn the idle mixture screws on the front of the Carb till the idle go,s higher [ turn base idle back down ] and repeat the mixture screw adjustment till the idle stops go,in up and stop there = the best way to do this adjustment is with a vacuum gauge to get the highest reading with the smoothest idle
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