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Dodge w200 1977 automatic gearbox A 727

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  • Dodge w200 1977 automatic gearbox A 727

    Hello, I am looking for the factory data of an A727 automatic gearbox valve block of a 1977 Dodge w200 intermediate plate nr 163, where the steel balls belong. I have seen a lot of different examples on the internet and in the workshop manual but cannot determine which one is the right one. Who can help me?

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    Howdy! Have you ever found the right manual? We might need one as well. The old guy who brought his truck to the shop for new brake and atturo tires installation plus alignment, acquired a Dodge W200 with some issues on auto gearbox.


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      hai, so far I have not found a good book in which it is clearly stated (too many models) I went to a guy here (in The Netherlands) a good Dodge mechanic who works a lot with the w200 ( ) and mounted it again on his recommendation, I haven't driven with him yet so if it is okay ? I Let it know in due course on the forum.
      I have a pdf file from? A727 workshop book if you want it: send your email address to