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1973 W200 Air Conditioning

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  • 1973 W200 Air Conditioning

    Hi All:

    I am in the process of getting the air conditioning working on The Hulk.

    Has anyone any info on complete aftermarket kits?

    I'm trying to decide whether to fix the old system (missing the compressor, condenser, brackets, and new hoses needed) or replace all of it with new. The cost of replacing the missing parts will get me halfway to a whole new system.


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    Vintage Air is the big player here. They have lots of different options, but it would not be a minor process as replacing the air box inside the truck would require some fabrication of brackets and such, and I doubt they have a turn-key kit for your particular vehicle.

    If you decide to go with them I'd go ahead and order a mockup unit of whatever blower assembly you decide to get. It's much easier than trying to wrangle the real one into place while figuring out where and how to mount it and eliminates the possibility of damaging the heater or evap cores.
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      I now have an original type compressor with brackets (though I don't know for which engine).

      I'm leaning toward keeping the older system.

      Also, I have determined that while the system is old, it's an after-market installation.
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