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Manual transmission swap?

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  • Manual transmission swap?

    Hi All:
    Does anyone have a recommendation for a manual transmission with overdrive to replace the original 4- speed trans in my 1973 W200?

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    Well your's being a 73 means it should have a small block LA engine (unless you have a slant six) & divorced t-case. Dodge didn't offer big block 4wd in 73. Any 2wd transmission up until the disappearance of the LA/Magnum engine in 2002 could work. The problem is your truck has a mechanical clutch & Dodge switched to a hydraulic clutch set-up around 1988, which is just about the time the OD 4 & 5 speed manuals began appearing. So one route for you is to get a complete donor truck that has the entire transmission,bellhousing,clutch/PP & master/slave cylinder that you'd need. Also the flywheels changed around 92 when the Magnums came into being. That would have to be addressed. Plus throughout the entire run, 318's & 360's never used the same flywheel.

    Or you could try to fit the "modern" transmission to your mechanical bell. I'm not sure what's involved with that.

    I have no idea which 4 or 5 speed OD transmissions are better or worse when compared with each other.

    1975 W600


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      NV4500 would be my choice.



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        Thanks very much!

        I really should have stated that the truck has the original(?) 318 engine.