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  • 2007 lift

    i bought a 2007 PW on eBay. Was thinking about a 4 to 6 inch lift. Would like to put 38 inche tires on. I have never done a lift before. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Just my 2 cents, don't do it. With fuel prices rising adding taller tires will also mean wider tires = more rolling resistance less fuel mileage. Sure they all look cool but what are you really gaining? Again my 2 cents.
    Ron in Indiana


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      I'm with Ron here. Those trucks look so good without any lift. Plus, they already get painful fuel mileage, why lessen it?

      As far as performance goes, you're not getting any benefits. In fact, because of the heavier, wider tires and extra drag, your engine performance will suffer. It's already a highly capable off road machine. You're limited in what you can gain in ground clearance because of the live axles anyway.

      Also, bigger tires will throw off your speedo reading.

      I dunno man, sounds like a money pit with little to no return on investment.


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        Thank you ! Sounds familiar ! I appreciate your thoughts !


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          Thank you for your 2 cents !! Those 2 cents might save me alot !


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            is there much differences in fuel mileage and engine performances

            hello guys and gals..........
            is there much differences in fuel mileage and engine performance in tire sizes between 235-70-15 original size and 31.5-70-15 tires in otherwise stock truck ?
            Tiffy's w150