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  • 2007 Durango

    I just bought a 2007 Durango at an auction. It was a K-9 unit in Cochise county Az. It's got a bit over 68K on the clock. It has the Police console and the Dog screen separating the back seat from the cargo area. It smells a bit "doggish" but not bad, I expect it will improve after I have it detailed.
    I've removed the the cage behind the front seat, My grand kids can be rowdy at times but I don't think I need a ballistic barrier. I may regret this decision later.
    It's my third personal Durango . We bought a 99' and an 04' and I drove 06 thru 08's as a patrol car. They went to Ferds right after I retired.
    This truck is meant to be my toy so I'll probably do some suspension mods. Maybe add a winch, taller tires and new R&P sets and air lockers. We'll see how that goes.
    The truck currently runs like a champ . It's nice to have a new toy. Not bad for under two grand.
    I drove it home from Az. the A/C was as cold as it was new. I made sure to stop and get a one trip permit since the exempt plates had been removed.
    I had to stop at the border and show my paperwork but I had no problems and the trip was smooth all the way home. The code reader showed nothing when I checked prior to starting the drive home. I had a lube outfit do an oil and filter change also before heading home. It'll cost me a tad over four bills to register it but it's got temp tags now. Smog is next and then we're off to the races.
    Bob Thompson

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    Sounds Like a good deal to me Bob.
    I like the Durango. My wife's 99 has been a great vehicle for her and trouble free.

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      What does police console mean?
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        Originally posted by Gordon Maney View Post
        What does police console mean?
        It's the console that holds the radio, siren and lightbar controls.
        Bob Thompson

        Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.
        Teach a man to fish, and his wife will hate you the rest of her life.