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97 Laramie steers hard

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  • 97 Laramie steers hard

    Got stuck yesterday, pulled out from rear bumper. Now my 97 Laramie W1500 steers like a 70 Ford takes 2 men & a small boy to to steer. Didn't hit anything, any ideas. It drove perfectly until this episode., It's not snow packed any place thank you

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    Manual or power steering?
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    Why is it that the inside of old truck cabs smell so good?


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      Sorry , I didn't think there was standard steering anymore. Power
      But my wrench guy tells me its gear so he ordered the new part
      Thanks for your prompt reply
      I was one of the few guys who ordered manual steering in 74. Didn't steer to bad, last year of the big steering wheel, certainly not like a Ford w/ manual steering


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        Oh yeah,
        Phord and Cheby of that day with 4x4 and manual steering were almost impossible to drive. What were they thinking? My Dad was going to order a Phord in '72 at the end of the model year but production lines were changing for the '73 model and they couldn't get one with power steering. He waited a few months and ordered a Power Wagon with power steering. The rest, as they say, is history.