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1996 Dana 80 DRW rear brake shoe ???S

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  • 1996 Dana 80 DRW rear brake shoe ???S

    does anyone know the correct placement of of the rear shoes. two have thin lining with 3/4" less material and two have thicker lining with 3/4" more material. my question is, which is the primary or leading shoe and which one is the trailing or secondary shoe. the only info i find says the primary goes toward the front of the truck but no indication of thick, thin, less or more lining issue.
    it is a fixed upper with the wheel cylinder at the top and the adjuster at the floating bottom.
    Thanks, BB

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    the thin ones go on front
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      Thanks for the reply, just got the drums back today so will gitter done tommarrow. BB


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        Yep they are correct dem dodge boys are

        small shoe to the front , bigger to the back . Take your adjusters apart , clean them and load em with antiseeze . If you are real smart you will do one side at a time and then you have something to copy .

        way north bruce