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Anyone done a clutch on an 01 3500?

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  • Anyone done a clutch on an 01 3500?

    After a long week on the road with my 01 3500 I find that my clutch is at the end of it's life. I have 147800 miles on this clutch which has seen a lot of towing. I just wondered if anyone has done this job on a 4 wheel drive and a Cummins. It has a 6 speed tranny as well. I'm not really looking forward to it as I replaced a 5 speed on a 1990 years ago and I don't recall it being a treat. Anyone?
    Ron in Indiana

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    I think Cheyenne Dave has done that. We took his 5-speed transmission out of his truck in my shop, replacing it with a rebuilt unit.

    The 6-speed is heavier. You need a good jack. You should be able to rent a heavy duty transmission jack somewhere near you. Don't try it with just a floor jack. Get a truck transmission jack.

    There is a good article in this. Perhaps that can motivate you. :-)
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      Nope, but you know I'll be right with you in spirit :o)

      Of course, if I get no work coming in, I may come down and give you a hand... HaHa...

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