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  • PureFlow Air Dog fuel filter

    I recently found that my lift pump was failing on my '01 3500 and since I've replaced it once I decided to look at the after market for a replacement. I read about the FASS system and then read about the Pure Flow Technologies Air Dog system. I ordered on online and following the detailed instructions, I installed it on my truck. It's a simple enough set up to bolt to your frame without any drilling. The pump is above the fuel and water separator filters. The kit replaces the stock fuel lines with 1/2" rubber hose and uses barbed fittings. The biggest headache is removing the stock fuel line from the tank. It's an easy slide off deal IF you can depress the two plastic tabs that hold the line in place. Then when you get the hose off you have to remove the plastic blue retainer. This was frustrating but I finally got it off but I think if it weren't for my service body in the way it may have been easier to do. I just completed a 4450 mile trip with this pump and filter and I can gladly report that is performed flawlessly. I had a constant fuel pressure of 15-19 lbs at all times. The company claims that it removes any air in the fuel to give a full shot of fuel at the injectors. I can say I had no lack of power and I may have seen a slight increase in mileage but this is unsubstantiated. I do know I got better mileage than I ever have before the Air Dog. here's a link to the system
    Ron in Indiana

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    Great report there, Ron, thank you for posting it up!

    I was there with ya for a minute on that fuel line connection, yup, know that one haha!

    I've heard mixed reviews on FASS & other systems so it's nice to hear a positive on this one. I could probably run one of those on mine [with a pressure regulator] as a booster to my stock piston lift pump feeding my old Bosch VE system if it ever comes to that.

    One note: several reports of rubber type fuel line failure under diesel exposure, maybe keep an eye on it. Might want to be sure that what you selected is diesel safe.

    I've tried high-pressure fuel injection rubber hose, best they had at NAPA, quickly started deteriorating! I then chose normal clear vinyl hose, the cheapy stuff from the corner hardware store, works great! Seems to be entirely fuel safe with diesel and has remained clear, to check for those nasty little bubbles....


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      Jim, the hose is in the kit and is rated for diesel fuel but I will keep an eye on it. The only thing not in the kit is a fitting at the injection pump that replaces the banjo bolt to allow for my Edge programmer lead. I called the company and they sent one out right away. I told the tech that they need to include it or at least list it on their website. It's the same as the one included only it's drilled and tapped for the sensor lead. The Air Dog uses Wix filters so you don't have to order one online from them. That fitting on the top of the tank is a bear to release when one of the tabs is on the bottom of the fitting next to the tank. I still don't know how it seals with such a loose fit but it does. Pretty slick as long as you don't have to remove it. I would think it would work fine on your 4BT conversion. This pump and kit totally bypasses the original filter, pump and fuel lines.
      Ron in Indiana


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        Cool, if it comes in the kit it's doubtless the right stuff.

        At my power levels I don't really need so much pump 'yet', only if I get to really turning up the screws. So far I've only added a 3,200 rpm governor, tighter compressor housing & larger compressor wheel, taking me to HY-35 specs. I can get a lot more out of it before I need the pump but good to know it's available. I'll pass the info on to other 6BT guys too!