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90's dodge with cummins

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  • 90's dodge with cummins

    are there any maijor defects in the 90's dodge 2500 & 3500 here soon il probly be looking to buy a 94-03 dodge 2500 and or 3500. with a cummins ofcourse. and most likely an automatic tranny to tow and plow with.

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    Just noticed your unanswered post!

    Overall I'd say no real problems. Some complained about the tranny, but I suspect they abused them. MUST change filter & fluid at regular intervals, & I'd suggest an auxiliary trans cooler. If planning to tow a lot then a torque converter upgrade may be in order. If NV4500 manual then you need to check if it had the 5th gear nut fixed. A web serach tells a lot about that.

    The fuel system can be upgraded after purchase for some pretty amazing power levels, depends what you want out of it. Stock it's a strong beast. Some mentions of the fuel pump, not injector pump, causing some fairly minor problems. Those could be a resut of high power level mods and beating the doo-doo out of the truck.

    Odometers use plastic gears which fail. Be sure and test drive and watch that odometer is turning numbers, otherwise no telling the actual mileage.

    Front ends on 4WD require religious attention to lube. Not fun to repair, not at all. Very user UN-friendly to repair.

    In general very good trucks. I happen to prefer the 1st Gen for its simplicity but 2nd Gen have provided excellent service as well.


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      There is also the "53" block and the killer dowel pin issues...


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        thanks guys i actually forgot about this post..... oops. i love the cummins and it would mostlikey get a chip after a while... yes the tranny is what my mind keeps pondering on hopin i dont find one i fall for and has been beat to ****. im not really all into looks id like for it to be mechanicaly more appealing.