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Radiator Flush question

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  • Radiator Flush question

    I distinctly remember in my younger days when cars and trucks were backflushed to clean the cooling system. Is that not good or what? I noticed that when I had the Dakota's cooling system serviced new years eve that that wasn't done, and had a new thermostat installed. The end result is that it still isn't putting heat out as it should, I am guessing the job wasn't really done properly. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Buy a flushing T kit of the sort used with a garden hose, it's cheap and easy to do. Make sure no pets have access to the spilled coolant. Follow the directions with the kit.

    The heater core could be restricted or dirty. There may be an air pocket preventing proper coolant flow through the core; proper bleeding can fix those.

    Outlet air temperature will be determined either by blending air or controlling coolant flow. The problem could be there.

    The system much reach proper operating temperature and be properly full.
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      Heater core

      I had the same problem with a 96 Dakota, Remove both hoses from your heater core under the hood and clamp them with vise grips so you don't lose all of your antifreeze. Next attach a short piece of heater hose to either inlet or outlet on the heater core, doesn't matter which. Now attach your garden hose to the short section of hose, you can accomplish this with a hose repair kit from the hardware store or one of the old brass twist on twist off hose nozzles will usually plug right into your heater hose. Turn on the garden hose and let it flush out for 15 minutes, move your hose to the other heater core fitting Inlet or outlet and repeat the process. Put everything back together, top off your antifreeze , I think you'll be pleased with the amount of heat you get. I've done this on my Dakota, a 99 Toyota, a 95 dodge pickup and a 96 Impala, never fails.