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Power Giant pics in PWA

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  • Power Giant pics in PWA

    How about the Don Evan's pictures of his 58 Power Giant on the cover and back of the latest PWA? Great shots of the truck working at hauling an old dozer and it looks like a LOAD. There is even a picture of Don inside the magazine. It's still amazing at all the work that got done with basic trucks back in the day with less horsepower than we "need" today. Not to mention the lack of creature comforts we lavish ourselves with today. Not that I want to go back to those trucks everyday but it's fun to see that the old school can still get the job done.
    Ron in Indiana

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    Hey....keep it down......some of us guys haven't recieved our copy yet!......ha


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      I don't know, check engine lights, weak Dodge o'drives poor gas mileage
      what have we gained. My 57 W100 gets 12.9 on a stop & go day, my 01 D1500 gets a little over 14 stop & go drving. Don't give me the hwy mpg few of us drive that way on a daily basis. Sure sound systems are superior
      A/c is great love cruise. SEnsors, sensors, I'm distraught about them!
      Leaking intakes are a new day prob maybe predominately GM. When I get in 57 I fit just nice, no need for ps, pw, leather or p seat Thanks