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  • Headlight bezel

    Is the headlight bezels the same on TW 61-66 and -59 pickup?
    Mats A

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    Yes they are.
    Ron in Indiana


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      Hi Ron, thank you for your fast answer.
      I suspected that, but the partnumber wasnīt the same.
      TW update: Lifted off the body in january. I made a frame with an axle so I can tranport it. Working now on the chassi.


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        I tried to insert pictures, but didnīt succeed.
        Is that only possebly now if I have the pictures on web server?


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          Mats, very good to hear from you again. The picture posting is different now in that you have to be a subscriber to the Power Wagon Advertiser. If you email your pictures to me I can try to post them for you. is my address. I know what you are up against in cleaning a chassis and wish you good luck.
          Ron in Indiana


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            Mats, I'm not a subscriber, just registered and you can post photos. You do have to have a URL from a photo site like flickr or photobucket, web server etc. Click on the yellow tool towards the right in the 'Post Reply' box to paste an image URL. I think you can just copy and paste into the copy block too. Gar

            flickr is a free site with limitations unless you pay a fee.
            Check out my PW Illustrations and posters: