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    We've talked about Loadflite & 2 tone trucks, how many of you have exotic options like radio, ashtray, cigar lighter & other options. Everything was extra back in the day. My 57 W100 has 2 tone, ash tray, cigar lighter, V-8, outside mirror & signal lights.

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    My 59 W200 was a pretty basic truck so no options. My 64 Townwagon has a winch and the rear door reflectors. 59-60 trucks had the ash tray in the center of the dash. Terry Johnson's 58 I restored last year had a winch, ash tray, Jiffy Jet windshield washer, big back window, deluxe interior and a 315 V-8. He is the 3rd owner.
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    Ron in Indiana


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      My 1959 W300 that was a Dodge dealer-ship truck when new, has a Lot of Options/Accessories. I am the 3rd owner of this truck.

      Power Steering, Power Brakes, Winch, 19.5 rims, Factory Flat-bed, Big Back window with custom cab interior, (with all the extra options that includes) Chrome Grab Handles, Two tone paint, Roof Mount Radio, Windshield Stainless, Hood Ornament (aka Dolphin Fin), Fender & Door stainless, Jiffy Jet washer system, Factory West Coast Mirrors, v-8 engine, tinted glass, etc,,, it is pretty much a loaded truck. Only thing it does not have is the push button auto transmission, and a factory tach in the dash. I am sure there is a few other little things it might be missing??,, but it is the most loaded up truck I own.

      I have a 1959 D300, that has a lot of Options also, push button auto transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, 19.5 rims, 9-foot Utiline bed, Big Back window with custom cab interior, Two tone paint, Roof Mount Radio, Hood Ornament, Fender & Door stainless, Jiffy Jet washer system, v-8 engine, tinted glass, and a factory tach in the dash, dual spare tires carriers, etc,,,

      I parted out a 1959 D300, that was almost a twin to this other 1959 D300 I have. It was the same two tone paint color, and had all the same options, but it had a 4-speed manual trans instead of the push button auto trans,, Oh and it had Windshield Stainless also, and it also had a chrome grill and headlight surrounds,,, but other then those few small differences,, they were twins!!

      I also have a 1960 W200, that is a pretty decked out truck with lots of Options, Two tone paint, Roof Mount Radio, Fender & Door stainless, Chrome Grab Handles, sweptline bed, 19.5 rims,, etc,,,


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        Nice truck Matt. I have never seen the chrome side trim or the hood ornament before, neat. My 58 W300 is fairly spartan, but it does have the 315 poly, power brakes, ashtray, 9 ft. utiline bed, and driver's side sun visor and armrest.

        The 58 D200 parts truck that came with it is even less impressive, but it does have the same V8 engine, an interesting heavy duty dually rear end, west coast mirrors, and a cab mounted spotlight which may or may not be factory or dealer installed.


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          Thank You Aaron,, some day I hope to totally restore that truck.

          I think that the reason that 1959 W300 of mine has all the options it does it because it was a old Dodge dealer-ship truck, and I think that they pretty much loaded it up when ordering it??

          Most w-series truck were bought as work trucks, so that is why most seem to be pretty spartan IMO,, but there are always a few trucks floating around that were ordered with a few of the Not so common options, for some reason.

          The fender and door stainless is pretty rare on a w-series truck, I see it a lot more on the d-series trucks then the W's. However I do have a few W's that have that trim. I have 6 w-series (Power Giant Power Wagons) trucks that have the fender and door stainless trim, most of those also have the hood ornament as follows,,,

          1958 W100 fender and door stainless trim, hood ornament
          1959 W300 fender and door stainless trim, hood ornament
          1959 W100 fender and door stainless trim,
          1960 W100 fender and door stainless trim, hood ornament
          1960 W200 fender and door stainless trim, hood ornament
          1960 W200 fender and door stainless trim,

          I also have a 1960 W300 that does NOT have the fender and door stainless trim, but does have the hood ornament so go figure??



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            58 w100

            I restored a 1958 W100 pickup a few years ago. 315 V8, push button loadflite tranny, factory power steering & power brakes, pass door mirror and door arm rest, pass visor, cigar lighter, ash tray and locking glovebox. One of the trucks I wished I'd never sold. pics here:
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              Remember the cab corner lights. Neat truck! Was it always cab & chassis?


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                Yes, as far as I know it has always been a cab & chassis truck. It has the C&C taillight brackets still on the truck, and there is NOT the little L-shaped brackets riveted to the sides of the frame to bolt a Utiline bed on the truck.

                When I restore it I plan on putting a 9 foot Utiline bed on the truck. (the Jury is still out on that though??) I have several factory photos of power giant trucks, and from the info I have been told from other dodge guys, the flatbed on there now is a "Factory" flatbed.

                I have another bed just like it on a 1960 D300, that truck was a one owner truck I go it from the construction company that bought it new and they told me that they ordered the truck and the flatbed was a option they paid for and the truck was delivered that way from the factory. It was Not put on later by a flatbed company like now-days. It may have been put on by SEG group? As the 1960 D300 I am talking about has a Sert-Tag, and if I recall right it does say something about flatbed??

                Most of the flatbeds of that era I have seen don't have the radius cutout above the rear tires. Here is one of the factory photos I have of a 1960 W300, it has the same flatbed as my 1959 W300,,


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                  This was my thought process when I fist saw your '59 W300 in this post.

                  1) What a cool truck!
                  2) It has a FACTORY stake bed!
                  3) I gotta have it!

                  That certainly looks like a post war factory stake bed. I've never seen one in person on that late of a truck. Are the front and rear stake pockets on the outside of the bed like in this photo? This one is on a 1952 one ton truck.

                  There are lots of Power Giant pickups out there but not many factory stake beds. If that truck were mine, I'd keep the whole thing intact. Stake bed, original colors, forward look logo, and the dealer's name would all stay. You have a very unique and very cool looking truck.
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                    Thank You. Yes, the front and rear stake pockets are on the outside of the bed. When I got the truck it had the side boards on it like the one in your photo and the one in my factory photo I posted, I still have them I just took them off.

                    I have a 1948 1-ton B-series truck that has the same stake bed on it. In fact that is really the reason I bought that truck.

                    It would make the truck more unique to leave it as a stake bed truck,, I agree. I just thought the truck would look better as a pickup? I like the way the 9-foot Utiline beds look on a W300. But I could always put one on my other W300. No need to make them all the same, that could get boring.

                    I will leave the signage on the door for sure!! Here is a close up photo.

                    On a side note about this truck, which is kind of neat to me at-least?? My Dad was born and raised just outside of Des Plaines, Illinois, and he graduated High School in 1961 (when this truck was 3 years old) he said he vaguely remembers this truck sitting at the Dodge Dealer on Touhy Ave. He used to go there to get parts for his 1957 Chrysler New Yorker. I think that is kind of neat. When I got the truck he looked at the sign on the door,, and told me he remembered that truck and wanted to know how I got it?? I told him I bought that truck on eBay. The history I have on the truck is this,,

                    The truck was at the Dodge dealer new and used as a service truck,, I am not sure when (what year) they sold it??,, but I know when they sold it was sold to a mobile home park just a few blocks down the road on Touhy Ave, they used it around the park, for moving mobile homes, I "Think" they were the ones who added the snow plow, that part is kind of sketchy, (no one was sure if the dealer added the plow or the mobile home park did??) The owner of the Mobile home park took the truck to his cabin in northern Wisconsin at some point in the 1980's, and used it there to plow snow. He passed away shortly after the new millennium (2000), the truck sat at his cabin,, until his wife decided to sell his estate. I bought it from the guy that was helping the window sell the estate.

                    I am the 3rd owner,, and now she lives in Colorado with me, waiting a restoration.


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                      1957s with Accessories

                      This has got to be my favorite thread up to now, here is what I have:

                      1957 D100
                      -Power Brakes
                      -Power Steering
                      -Chrome bumper with bumperettes
                      -Push button
                      -Turn signals
                      -2 tone
                      -Ash tray
                      -Cigar lighter
                      -2/3? speed wipers
                      -315 V8
                      -Deluxe seat material

                      1957 D100 Town Wagon
                      -Overdrive 3 speed on the tree
                      -315 V8
                      -Ash tray
                      -Deluxe seat material

                      1957 W100 Town Wagon Power Wagon
                      -315 V8
                      -1 Ton rear axle
                      -Fresh air option

                      Anyone else have power brakes on their 57 they can post some pics of?
                      It is mentioned in the sales literature but cannot find anyone that has seen this before. Looks completely factory with stamped bracketry, etc.