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1959 W300 Dana 70 1/2" Offset 4:10's?

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  • 1959 W300 Dana 70 1/2" Offset 4:10's?

    I'm looking for some experience out there concerning the ratio limits of 1958 to 1974 Dana 70 1/2" offset axles. I've done a lot of online research and have found that the tallest gears I can go to is the 4:56 ratio.

    Today I stopped in at our local Rear End Shops to see about the installation and the shop owner of 20 years said that I could go all the way to 4:10's. I tried to argue the point so he made a phone call to his local supplier and they confirmed that 4:10's will work in a Dana 70 1/2" offset housing.

    Any comments?

    Thanks, Steve

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    If he says they can do it more power to them. I can't say since I've never had to do a swap of the gears. I'll dig out my parts book to see if there is anything listed.
    Ron in Indiana