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Scored a 58 D 500 cab and parts

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  • Scored a 58 D 500 cab and parts

    I won a bid on epay the other night for a 58 D500 cab, front clip, 251 engine with 4 speed and assorted parts. The seller stripped the truck to make a trailer out of the frame and 14' grain bed. The truck had 42,000 on the clock. The cab is in good shape with only one cab mount gone. It has a headliner, sagging but complete and good dash. The front fenders have been worked over by a hillbilly bodyshop and are still in doubt until I can take a grinder to them. They drove the truck home so the engine runs with a new distributor cap and points. The cab doors are excellent from what I can see with no rust on the bottoms or "bodywork". The engine will go in another 58 I have here. The cab will be stocked away for a future project or sold if needed. It was only an hour and 45 min away so with the great weather today is was a good day all in all. I got the entire mess steamed off and put away but it's getting a little crowded in the shop. If anyone needs an excellent two wheel drive gas tank this one's for sale. I have the cab mounts for the frame and the running board brackets too which may fit a D/W 300. Right running board is good, left is toasted.
    Ron in Indiana