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  • Check out my rear end...

    What is this thing?

    From my 57 D300 1 ton. Tired of my posts yet? Probably not if you are like me.

    I was a chevy guy so I could tell you about any axle, engine, tranny etc... Lost in space with all this Mopar stuff and loving every minute.

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    No, we are not tired of your posts.

    Regarding the axle, I will give you a qualified I don't know. Others will have a guess, however.
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      It's a Chrysler Corp. 8&3/4" full floating axle that was used from 1940-1959 in 1ton and (3/4 ton applications from 1957-59). The 1940-42 units were a 2 pinion gear type and the 45-59 units were a 4 pinion gear type. This unit was also used in the 1/2 ton and early 3/4 ton WC series Military 4x4's. Gear ratios available were 5.83, 4.89, 4.30, 4.10, 3.91 and I believe 3.73 for the V-8 powered trucks. They are a "Drop out" unit not a "Salisbury" set up like GM has. If you want to learn more about them purchase the booklet entitled "Power Trains and Interchanges:Military/Civilian Trucks 1941to 1971 (Dodge). Vintage Power Wagons sells them.


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        Will do- I am thinking about a new center section with higher (numerically lower) gearing. The truck manages about 5 mph in first and reverse so I am guessing the gears are 5:89 and around 40 as a top end.

        Would like to go down a step to around 4:11 to fix that. Wheels and tires are stock and may get a tad bigger in time so done want to go too high but I am currently starting in 2nd as first is a waste of time and leg power.

        Service manual on order.



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          The gear ratio location is stamped on a raised pad located on the right side of the differential carrier(opposite drivers side) below filler plug. Go to a website entitled "Pilothouse Knowledge", you will find a lot of information on the Diff. Carrier and maint. Procedures there. 1st is a compound low. I never use 1st gear on my WC12 1/2 ton Military unless I am out 4 wheeling. With the V-8 you have in it, it seems like your ratio should be a 4.10; then again, maybe that's the way it was ordered from the factory. Find the stamped ratio as stated above, then you'll know for sure. You have a nice looking truck there. No disrespect intended, but "Dodge is the best, to **** with the rest". LOL


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            Going to check that out tonight- So helpful thanks.

            anyone changed that center section to change gearing?


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              Hello BGBOSSMAN,
              Yes, I have done it in my 1941 WC-12 1/2 ton Military 4x4. As I said in my earlier post I believe the lowest you can get is 3.91 although I've heard from a knowledgable dodge guy that they did offer a 3.73. I'm not sure if they offered this in the 3/4 and 1 ton models though. The 3.91 was available from 1940 to around 1956 in the 1 ton trucks. After that, the 4.10 was the lowest you could go as far as I know. In 1960 Dodge switched over from their corporate full floating axle to the Spicer/Dana model 60. Perhaps you could find one of these as a whole assembly and install it in your truck. The 1960 was still a "Power Giant" model so the whole Model 60 axle could very well bolt right up under your frame. I'm not a "Power Giant" expert at all, just stating what might work for you. Lot's more guys on this forum would know about a modification like this. Let us know what ratio you presently have after checking the raised pad like I said. Have a nice day.
              Joe Giraud


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                Dozerman, you sure its onthe passnger side? So much old red paint built up there its hard to tell but it def looks like there are numbers (under allt he gunk) on the drivers side.. Any chance they did it on the wrong side?

                I have a filler that looks likeit would take a 1/2" drive (sq hole) and the other side is a flat head screw/hex bolt.

                A lot can happen in 55 years.


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                  I just checked one of the third members on my truck. The Ratio is on a small square flat pad below the reinforcement rib on the right (Passengers) side of the unit. The filler plug is located just above the reinforcement rib. The pad is next to the third member flange which bolts to the axle housing. I can take a pic of it with my IPad and send it to you tomorrow if you want. It's there, no doubt about it.