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At long last I've found it

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  • At long last I've found it

    I've been searching for 3 years to find headliner board like what I used in my TW several years ago. All I could find was 39" wide which is ok for 58-60 trucks but not for the 57's. Today the search ended as I found that the company I thought was gone was bought by a local big truck body shop. They had the board I need so I bought 15 sheets. I got it home, unloaded and cut an entire interior set from one 4 x 8 sheet of material. I tried the top piece in the 57 #1 I've been working on and it's going to fit like a glove. Once I get my upholstery guy to sew vinyl on the edges I'll be in the headliner business. If he can't I'll get a machine of my own and have my wife sew it. I was one happy camper when the shop owner asked how many do want? The supply house only sells this board by the pallet of 100 sheets sheets. I know I have several people who have been waiting for this project to get off the ground. Hang on just a bit and we'll get it rolling.
    Ron in Indiana

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    eventually we will need to talk...!!!


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      Ditto- keep me (us) in the loop!