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Info on 17.5" wheels Civilian Power Wagon...

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  • Info on 17.5" wheels Civilian Power Wagon...

    The 1957 Power Wagons use a 17.5" x 6" rim with a 6 x 7.25" wheel lug spacing, 5/8-18 RH / LH wheel nuts. They come in 2 offsets that I know of.
    Standard offset (single wheel) and Dual Offset.

    These wheels do not have a Bead Lock (wrong term? ridge to hold the bead in place)

    I have 1 standard wheel and 3 duel wheels and wondered if they are permitted on the street anymore and should I post them for sale?

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    Your rims are fine.

    All the ??.5 rims (14.5, 16.5, 17.5, 19.5, 22.5, 24.5) are the 15 degree bead design and the safety hump would not work very well anyway. I don't think that the standard 5 degree rims have to have the hump for DOT approval. I know snap ring rims that don't have that feature (some do) are still manufactured and sold. I could be wrong though, I've never researched it.

    If you were closer, I'd buy the rims in a minute. I have 3 and 3 of the same and yours would give a set of each.



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      Make me an offer....

      they are 30+lbs each for freight.
      I bought aftermarket 16" rims for my TW-PW and not going to go back to the 17.5's.

      Send me a PM or call...
      815-494-seven two four five


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        Ummm Dr P I could use that standard wheel you have. Maybe we can come to an arrangement over something I have that you need?????
        Ron in Indiana


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          Ron, I didn't know you felt that way......!!! LOL

          but, I would be delighted to do a trade of iron for iron (or some such) so we can keep going on our projects. These wheels are riveted but all but one tire was tubeless.

          I finally pulled my steering wheel and hope to remove the box this week and start to fit up the new PS box. The upper bearing appears to be in the column jacket. If I can get the steering shaft (tube) it will keep me from destroying a good Gemmer assembly.



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            I can use the tubeless single rim. The dually rims won't help me much. All the 17.5 rims I've come across where tubeless on the PG's. Just for the sake of asking is there a date code stamped on them? I think the complete set up I have will be what you need but I'll bring both.
            Ron in Indiana


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              After removing years of leaky wheel bearing accumulation...

              Hi Ron,

              Outside face of hub between 2 of the bolt holes: " 8 " is stamped

              Inside the rim is:
              72710 ( large stamped numbers)
              C 9 57 (M-D-Y date ?)
              Made in USA 17.5 x 5.25
              Max Tire Size 8 - 17.5
              Budd (Logo)

              I don't see any cracks in the hub or dents in the rim, I can't sand blast it but my wire wheel got down to metal where I needed to.

              I can send you detailed pix if you want, let me know.
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                That's fine I'm looking at it as a spare tire anyway. I have access to a shot blaster that cleans the wheels to like new condition. I'll see you on the 6th at the truck stop. I won't be hard to find.
                Ron in Indiana