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'57 W100 brakes

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  • '57 W100 brakes

    I haven't pulled the drums, yet, but was wondering: are the brakes Bendix style or Chrysler style or other?

    Getting things ready to start working on the ol' girl. Thinking if I get it done soon enough, I will be hitting Imogene, Engineer, Stony Passes, etc. I think I will avoid Black Bear.

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    Pretty simple Bendix brakes no surprises UNTIL you try removing the tapered axle rear drums. You will most likely need a three leg hub puller to get them off if they have not been removed in years. Some heat and perhaps some wax will be helpful. Be sure to install the nut flush with the axle before pulling so your don't mess up the threads or the end of the axle. I would replace the wheel cylinders as opposed to honing and using a kit. Also replace the hoses front and rear to avoid problems if you haven't already. If you have the shoes relined and the drums turned have them arc the shoes to the drums if possible. These brakes are NOT self adjusting.
    Ron in Indiana


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      Cool. Thanks Ron.

      Good to know about the 3-leg hub puller and the axle nut.

      And replacing the cylinders and hoses would definitely be the way to go, I don't think anything of that sort has been replaced. I think everything is original.

      Since it is a Bendix, I think I will convert it to automatic adjusting. Especially as I want to use it in the San Juan Mountains.