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Attaching stainless trim to front end of 57 D300

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  • Attaching stainless trim to front end of 57 D300

    The stainless molding in the middle of (not the center vertical and horizontal grille- the long trim bar above them) the grille openings- it is convex and the sheetmetal is goes over is as well.

    My truck has no holes for clips (have they been filled?) and I have no small brackets or clips that a small bolt or screw would go into if put thruough the sheetmetal body.

    Seems like maybe adhesive would be the only way? I want to drill some holes and make some spring steel clips and screw them from the back btw. Hoping my instincts are right....

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    There should be 5 holes for the trim. One dead center and two others on each side. If you can see the back side of the grill with a mirror you'll probably find where they were filled. There are spring clips available for attaching the trim. My polisher has the set ready I had cleaned up we just haven't made connection yet. I was in Iowa then he went on vacation. I have the clips for the trim I have. Do you still want the trim? I can get you clips if you've found the stainless. I could also measure the hole centers and size from the latest 57 to show up here. I've been busy getting ready for the auction of our business on top of everything else but I didn't forget about you.
    Ron in Indiana


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      I found a piece on the 'Bay for $29... couldnt resist and I fixed the small dents and polished it up clean enough for my truck (its a 30-40 footer).

      I have looked for holes that were filled and I dont see any but maybe they were smoothed out inside...

      If you could measure the holes I would be forever in debt. Still need the V for the hood and the clips.

      THinking I will get into door weather stripping/window tracks and fly window rubber as well.