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Cheesed up 315 Poly

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  • Cheesed up 315 Poly

    Pulled the oil pan off the the '57 to check on the deep knock. I found it, check out the video and pictures I uploaded on the link below.

    I pulled the caps off of rod #1 and rod #2. Rod #1 was spun and hammered. Rod #2 was missing the bearings completely! The rod journal was toast; even had a ridge between the #1 and #2 rods. Didn't even look at the rest. I am not sure that the crank is salvagable or if I could even get bearings if I turn it.

    Trying to decide how to proceed with the old girl.

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    It's just one journal...2 rods...and a little work...

    Sorry about the set back...but! Hey, at least you have a good 315 block and heads to work with, the parts are available. Now is a good time to change out the engine color to something you like..!! See, there is always a silver lining.



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      Good points. A silver lining is true.

      Will a 318LA or 360LA crank have the right stroke and journal and main size to put in the 315?

      Can I still get a 315 crank?

      What is the original color of the 315 Poly in these trucks?

      Is the bellhousing pattern the same on an LA engine and a 315 Poly?

      A Magnum 318 and 5-speed from a 4X2 Ram or Durango, converted to a carburetor, may be quite a set-up for truck. I'd put the 315 on a stand and slide it under the bench for safe keeping.


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        Sorry nothing interchanges with a 315. The 318's are two inches longer and have different bolt patterns. You might find a 315 crank but more likely a complete 315 but still scarce. Your transmission will bolt to a later bellhousing but you'll need a 318 bell with rear mount tabs to go with a later 318. I would check with a machine shop about building up your journals and regrinding them if possible.
        Ron in Indiana


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          Ron, DrPepper......dang, it doesn't come easy. Talked with Colorado Crankshaft regarding building up and re-grinding the rod journals. $600+ for the rod journals. Extra in case the mains need work, too.


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            Here are 2 sources I know of....

            French Lake Auto Parts, I've never done business with them but I understand they have an awsome inventory.


            Mo-Par City
            6309 Brick Road
            Oregon IL 61061
            800-426-HEMI (4364)
            I've been in there warehouse, unbelieveable.....!!!!!

            I'll keep an eye open ... seems I saw an ad for one just a short time ago.



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              Originally posted by KC Kay View Post
              Ron, DrPepper......dang, it doesn't come easy. Talked with Colorado Crankshaft regarding building up and re-grinding the rod journals. $600+ for the rod journals. Extra in case the mains need work, too.
              OUCH!!! that would smart big time. Get the word out on what you're looking for with an ad in the PWA or where ever. I don't know of any 315's around these parts. Epay is an option too but I've never seen any cranks or engines.
              Ron in Indiana


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                Might be too easy...but,

                call your local NAPA (or other REAL auto store) and ask them to give you price and availability for a crank and bearings. Might get lucky...!

                Check with a rebuilder like Jasper and see if they have one on the shelf (probably covered with dust) they would part with.

                Did some more checking....found a link from e-bay to...HAMB Journal, good site to lurk on once in a while.
                Read this over and ask Eagle what they have...?

                What we find on line is readily available information by people trying to make a quick sale. E-bay has pistons, rings and gasket sets available for the 315's. They are selling those parts to somebody..!!! Mopar made these engines for over 10 years so there are tens of thousands of them out there. Somebody has a nice reground crank with a set of bearings sitting on a shelf that they really want to sell for a reasonable price. Now all you have to do is find them!!

                Take the advice on page one of the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".."Don't Panic..!"


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                  Thank you for the info and websites. I will be doing some calling and searching.

                  And I know where my towel just is (for all of its useful purposes!)