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  • Gripped by Power Giants?

    Tell us about your Power Giant fever or project.

    I am seeking articles to be published in Power Wagon Advertiser magazine. Articles may be on repairs, modifications, restoration, travel or work done with your truck, or any other topics related to the fine ó military and civilian ó 4X4 trucks from Dodge.

    High resolution digital images or quality film photos are good. Article text and photos may be sent either by E-mail or by US mail. Authors of published articles receive international exposure and subscription credit.

    Share your expertise, experience, and knowledge. Inform and inspire other readers. Let people know what you and your truck have done together. Donít doubt your ability to write, simply share your story. I am the editor, I will take care of your work and you will be proud. Do not limit yourself as to length, since large articles can be run in multiple parts.

    I look forward to receiving your materials....
    Power Wagon Advertiser monthly magazine, editor & publisher.

    Why is it that the inside of old truck cabs smell so good?