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Two Questions - 1960 W200 318

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  • Two Questions - 1960 W200 318

    I got her running today, but discovered two issues:

    1) there is an oil leak at the right rear of the 318 poly. I seems to be at the exhaust manifold or possibly the spin-on oil filter. It has a spin on Wix filter which I am assuming is correct. Can you think of any likely root causes that I can investigate first?

    2) the front wheels seem to be engaged when I drive - I can feel/hear the front tires scrubbing as it moves. This is despite both t-case levers being in the forward-most position. I noticed that the manual hubs do not rotate, although they are in the "free" position, I wonder if these are locked up. If they are, would they alone, and without T-case influence, cause this issue?

    Thanks in advance for your insight,


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    I bet the hubs are a problem. Can you pull the hubs and inspect them - see if they are stuck internally some way?
    If you clean up the hubs, be sure to not apply too much grease in there as it can cause issues. Just a very light coating of a synthetic grease.
    Try driving it again once you get the hubs freed up. Also, make sure the linkages at the transfer case are working. I wonder if that could be an issue too, that a forward position of the levers do not translate to both shafts at the transfer case being "in".
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      Oil leak and hubs

      I think the '60 318's came with a canister filter, someone may have converted to spin on. I was thinking I had a leaking rear main but it was the gasket behind the spin on adapter.
      Hubs, If not in 4 wheel you should be able to turn the front driveshaft if the hubs are unlocked. if you can't, jack up each side and check.


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        Picture of one hub

        Thank you for the replies.

        I've attached a picture of one locking hub.

        I removed the six cap screws that attach the hub.

        The hub pulled out slightly but is being retained, as if by a clip?

        It can rotate freely around the axle shaft, but will not move forward any further.

        The selector will turn from free to lock and back, but neither position is an improvement.

        Is there a hidden fastener of some sort (circlip, etc.) that I need to remove to be able to slide the assy off?

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          There is a external snap ring that needs to be removed to get the outer hub off. Get out the rags and cleaning fluid to find the ends. A snap ring pliers and you'll have it all off in nothing flat. I would suspect the internals of the hub need cleaned and lightly lubed. The internal parts should move freely. Several different makes of of hubs fit your truck but those Warns are pretty tough even if they are engraved IH.
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            Can anyone tell me what model Warn hub these are?