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  • front axle help

    I was finally able to collect all the parts to get the front axle knuckles, brakes and bearings replaced on the 63 town wagon. I have it all the was together up to installing the hubs, the axle shaft sits just far enough back were I can't get the snap ring on the hub. The notch for the snap ring is just inside the hub, barely visible but not enough to even get a finger nail on it. I have taken it apart a couple time and made sure everything was seated and everything looks flush and tight, axle shaft seems to be pulled out as far as it will go. Any tips, tricks or advice on what I should look out for when installing the brakes and hubs?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Sounds like something is out of place or you need to pull on the axle a bit. They will slide in just that little bit not letting you put the snap ring on. Other than that I don't know what would be out of place on reassembly
    Ron in Indiana